Jetstream2 Education Allocations

Under ACCESS, there are no longer allocations dedicated solely to research or education. Instead, there are categories of allocations based on the request size. We discuss those in the Allocations Overview and ACCESS covers that on their Prepare Requests: Overview page.

Since educational usage is a prime use case for Jetstream2, we want to help instructors/educators figure out how to best size their request and make that request to ACCESS.

We would suggest reviewing:

You can estimate your need after reviewing the VM sizes using this example:

  • 16 week course
  • 20 students
  • m1.medium instance size (8 vCPU)
  • Planning for 24 hour/day usage
8 vCPU (SUs) x 24 hours/day x 7 days x 16 weeks = 21,504 SUs/student x 20 students = 430,080 SUs

It would be standard practice to round that to 450,000 SUs for development time for the instructors plus instructor VMs during the duration of the course.

The process is that you as the PI will:

  1. Create your user account
  2. Request an allocation/ACCESS credits
  3. Then you will “spend” those credits on Jetstream2 resources
  4. Have any associate instructors or teaching assistants get ACCESS accounts
  5. Add those associates to your allocation as resource managers
  6. Your students will need to get ACCESS accounts
  7. You add them to your allocation

Resource managers, students, or other necessary users for your allocation may be added via ACCESS User Management


It can take up to four hours for allocations or users to become active AFTER your receive the email notification.

ACCESS Allocations home page has complete information on these topics:

You’ll need a copy of your CV as the PI and the CVs of any co-PIs. We would recommend adding the course/workshop/tutorial syllabus in PDF format.

Allow 1-2 business days for your application to go through the approval process.

If you have questions about the the allocations process please open a ticket via either the ACCESS Help Form or the Jetstream Help Form