Jetstream2 Research Allocations (Maximize ACCESS)

Under XSEDE, Research allocations were generally the larger allocations, greater than startup values, up to millions of SUs intended for scientific research. With the advent of ACCESS and the new allocation convention, the closest category to this would be Maximize ACCESS where the allocation sizes exceed 3 million SUs.

All allocation types now may be used for research or education and the requirements vary based on the number of SUs requested. We discuss this in the Allocations Overview and ACCESS covers that on their Prepare Requests: Overview page.

Most researchers will fall in the 3 categories of allocations that require a minimum of preparation and that can be submitted at any time. For those that will need 3 million SUs or more, you may start with a smaller allocation size (anything up to 3 million SUs) and then submit during the limited windows (twice a year) for a Maximize ACCESS allocation. It’s highly suggested that you read Preparing Your Maximize ACCESS Request to see the requirements for submissions.

We highly encourage all potential applicants to view:

Science Gateway research requests may have some different criteria. We recommend reviewing this section of the document if you will be submitting a science gateway oriented research request.

Please do not forget to review the formatting guidelines - failure to adhere to the guidelines may also result in a submission being rejected without review

If you have a clear picture of what resources your project requires, you can estimate your SU needs using the usage estimation calculator here: Usage Estimation Calculator

Otherwise, we would suggest reviewing:

As this process is more involved and are reviewed by a panel twice a year, the turn around time to receive the award will be weeks or months after submission. Please plan accordingly.

ACCESS Allocations home page has complete information on these topics:

If you have questions about the the allocations process please open a ticket via either the ACCESS Help Form or the Jetstream Help Form