Science Gateways and related services FAQ

How can I federate logins on my gateway or JupyterHub service?

The recommended and supported means for doing so on Jetstream2 is to use the Custos software provided by the Cyberinfrastructure Integration Research Center

Information on federating your gateway or Jupyter service is outlined in on Federating a gateway or JupyterHub on Jetstream2

How do I set up a custom domain name for my gateway, site, or web service?

If you want to access your site/service with a hostname (rather than a raw public IP address), you will need to set up appropriate DNS (Domain Name Service) records.

It is possible to configure automatic DNS hostnames for instances in the subdomain; for more information, see “How do I get a DNS name for my instance?”

Second level “designer” domains like “” or “” would need to be purchased from an ICANN-accredited registrar. Many popular registrars will include DNS configuration in the price of a domain. Before purchasing a domain name, consider investigating whether your sponsoring university or organization offers such services; for example, projects affiliated with Indiana University may be able to obtain an IU subdomain.

Once you have a domain registered, you will need to set up DNS records to point that domain to the public IP address of your Jetstream2 instance(s). If your service/site is served on the usual ports 80 and 443 for HTTP and HTTPS respectively, this can be accomplished with a simple A record; otherwise, you may need to investigate using SRV records to redirect traffic to a specific port.