Software FAQ

Jetstream2 provides some software packages for all researchers. The sheer number of available packages across all of the scientific disciplines makes it impossible to meet the desires of everyone in installing and maintaining software for research.

How can I see what software is maintained by the Jetstream2 staff?

The Jetstream2 software collection is documented here : Software Collection

How do I access the software in this collection?

This software store is mounted automatically when an instance is launched from a Jetstream2 featured image. Please see the following links about using the Jetstream Software Collection:

Can I request to have other software packages added to the software collection?

Since everyone on Jetstream2 allocations potentially has root access on their VMs, you may install any software you need on a per VM basis. You can then snapshot and save your customized images.

If you feel a package would be broadly useful to the Jetstream User community, you may request software using the contact form and staff will review the package.

Please do keep in mind that we cannot add and maintain all requested software packages. We will review any requests and track those requests.