Transferring Files

There are a number of ways to transfer files to and from your VM instances. Some common ways are listed below.

Web shell/Web Desktop

The web shell and web desktop allow file transfers to be easily done with a built in facility.
Exosphere : Transferring files with web shell and web desktop
Cacao : Coming soon!


Here are some recommended clients for transferring files with SCP or SFTP. These clients, while suggested, are not endorsed by Jetstream in any way. We have limited means to help with support issues related to these clients.

  • Cyberduck is a well-known client for both Windows and Mac OSX to move files to and from individual VMs.

  • WinSCP is another well-known Windows specific option.

  • Filezilla is an option supporting several operating systems, including Windows.


Globus is a fast, reliable, and secure file transfer service for easily moving data to, from, and between digital resources. Information for transferring files with Globus can be found here:, and a tutorial describing installing and use of Globus Personal Connect can be found here: globus-connect-personal-linux