Jupyter on Jetstream2

Jupyter in the web desktop

The easiest way to use a Jupyter notebook on Jetstream2 is to launch an instance using Exosphere, making sure to launch with the web desktop enabled.

Then you can open a web desktop session in Exosphere, open a terminal, and type the commands

module load anaconda
jupyter notebook

This should load the Anaconda package and then initialize a new jupyter notebook and open the default browser with the notebook.

Jupyter from the web shell or ssh session

We have made a front end script for jupyter that fetches your virtual machine’s IP address and substitutes it into the URL that Jupyter generates for you. Since the VM doesn’t really ever know it’s public IP address, it cannot be set directly in Jupyter.

To start Jupyter from the web shell or ssh session for remote access, type the commands

module load Anaconda

This should yield some output that ends with something similar to this

To access the notebook, open this file in a browser:
Or copy and paste one of these URLs:

where the last line with the 149.165.xxx.xxx IP address will be the one you want to cut and paste into your browser.