Manila - Filesystems-as-a-service - on Jetstream2

Use: With Manila, you can have multiple instances on Jetstream2 share a filesystem.

Description: Manila is the file share service project for OpenStack. Manila provides the management of file shares for example, NFS and CIFS, as a core service to OpenStack. Manila works with a variety of proprietary backend storage arrays and appliances, with open source distributed filesystems, as well as with a base Linux NFS or Samba server.

If you are not using a Jetstream2 Featured image, you’ll need to make sure you have these packages installed on your instance: ceph-commons and ceph-fuse

You can set up and manage Manila shares via Horizon and the CLI presently:

Once a Manila share is created, you can mount and use it on your VM managed from any valid Jetstream2 interface.

If there is a need for using Manila shares via FUSE, we do provide documentation for that, as well, though most will use the native kernel drivers above.