Jetstream2 system status and information

Overall JS2 system status

Jetstream2 is maintaining a system status and announcement site at

Please visit that site for detailed system status information and planned maintenance announcements.

Mailing list for outages and maintenance

We also have a mailing list that receives system notices. All JS2 researchers, educators, and students get automatically added when they receive JS2 access. You may also subscribe by emailing js2-users-l-subscribe AT or by contacting JS2 help to be added.

Community chat

We are also introducing a new community discussion site on the Matrix communication network: This allows JS2 researchers and students to communicate easily with each other. There are many client choices, but we might suggest using Element via a web browser or app (available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux). While the discussion site is not an official support channel, Jetstream2 staff will participate during business hours and may answer questions found there. 

The ticketing system is still the preferred mechanism for official support. That is available via or the contact form for any questions not covered in the JS2 documentation. 

ACCESS isseus (accounts, passwords, 2FA, allocations, etc) are best handled via the ACCESS support form:

Jetstream2 issues may be opened via the ACCESS form, as well.

ACCESS User News and Announcements


The new NSF-funded program for advancing computational and data-intensive research – the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support (ACCESS) – offers significant opportunities for community involvement. One of those is ensuring that requests for resource allocations meet the program’s requirements in careful merit reviews by a diverse group of reviewers.

The ACCESS website is:

ACCESS Infrastructure News and Outages may be found here