To use Manila via Horizon

Share names and Access Rule Names must be unique!

While shares and access rules to shares belong to specific allocations, the namespace is for the entire cloud. You will have to have a unique share name and unique rule names. We suggest using a descriptive name and using a variation of the name for the access rule(s).

1. Create the share on Horizon

i. Click on: ProjectShareShares+Create Share

ii. Create share with the following settings:

  • share name: a descriptive and unique name of your choosing
  • share protocol: CephFS
  • size: the size of your manila share in gigabytes
  • share type: cephnfsnativetype

2. Edit the share rule

i. Once your share is available you can select Manage Rules and Add Rule :

  • access type: cephx
  • access level: read-write
  • access to: an descriptive and unique rule name

In the example above the accessTo name is manilashare.
The name assigned must be globally unique! If you use a name that is already in use you will see an error state. To help avoid accidental overlap, we recommend prefixing your name with something unique such as your ACCESS username or your allocation number. For example, instead of using just seed-research, use <ALLOCATION>-seed-research.

ii. If you now go back to the share page (Project/Share/Shares) and click on the share you created you should see your share’s metadata.

Important things to note here are :

  • Path: IPs:ports followed by volume path (/volume/_no-group/…)
  • Access Key

Using Manila Share on a VM

This is the same whether you’re using Horizon or the CLI. Please refer to Configuring a VM to use Manila Shares