Using Storage Under Horizon


Small virtual filesystems that may be attached to the Users running/active Instances.
Files/data saved to a Volume are maintained across successive attachment/detachment actions to the User’s Instances.
On the left side bar, click on ProjectVolumesVolumes.

  1. Create Volume
  • Click +Create Volume
  • Volume Name: Choose short name for your volume, e.g. <username>_data
  • Description: Briefly describe the volume contents
  • Volume Source: There are two options, empty and image
    • empty: creates a blank volume of the specified size
    • image: uses an existing image as a template for a new volume. Select from available images
  • Size: modify the size of the size of the volume.
    All volumes count against the project’s storage quota
  • Click Create Volume

  1. Attach Volume
  • Click Manage Attachments for the desired volume
  • Select an instance to attach to, and click Attach Volume

  • The device on a particular instance will now be listed in the Attached To column
  • ssh to your instance, create any filesystems as needed, create a mountpoint, and mount the volume.
    • ssh: ssh ubuntu@ip
    • check if device is attached: sudo fdisk -l <device>, often /dev/sdb
    • if new disk, create filesystem: sudo mkfs.ext4 <device>
    • create a mountpoint: sudo mkdir -p <path>, e.g. /mnt/vol_b
    • mount the volume: sudo mount -o noatime <device> <path>, e.g. sudo mount -o noatime /dev/sdb /mnt/vol_b
    • check the mount:
      ubuntu@test-horizon-tiny:~$ df -kh /mnt/vol_b Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sdb 98G 24K 93G 1% /mnt/vol_b
    • you may need to change the permissions to make the volume accessible: sudo chown ubuntu.ubuntu /mnt/vol_b
    • To make the volume mount persist, you can add an entry to /etc/fstab similar to this::
      /dev/sdb /mnt/vol_b ext4 defaults,noatime 0 0

  1. Detach Volume
  • ssh to your instance and unmount the volume:
    • ssh: ssh ubuntu@ip
    • unmount: sudo umount /mnt/vol_b
  • In Horizon ProjectVolumesVolumes, click Manage Attachments for the desired volume
  • Select an instance, and click Detach Volume
  • Confirm Detach Volume

  1. Delete Volume
  • In Horizon ProjectVolumesVolumes, click Actions for the desired volume
  • Click Delete Volume
  • Confirm your selection.

    Deleted volumes are not recoverable. All data stored in the volume will be removed.

  • Confirm Delete Volume